Protected Account


By setting up a P-Konto (protected account), you can safeguard the basic exemption amount, currently set at €1,340, as well as other incoming payments on your checking account, such as child benefits, from garnishment. To obtain a P-Konto exceeding the basic exemption amount of €1,340, you can simply visit your bank and apply for it there. However, if you wish to claim higher exemption amounts for dependents, such as a spouse and/or children, or for child benefits, nursing care benefits, or certain social benefits, you will need the so-called P-Konto certificate. You can obtain this certificate from us. For further information on additional incoming payments that can be protected from garnishment on a P-Konto, please refer to this link.

important information

Required documents

Personal identification (ID card or passport)

Bank statement or debit card

If applicable, birth certificates of your children

If applicable, marriage certificate

If applicable, child benefit approval notice

Do you have questions?

If you would like to obtain more detailed information about personal insolvency, you can find it here.