About us

In order to provide the widest possible range of advice, our advice center consists of a multilingual team. Our aim is to help those affected to overcome their financial problems and become debt-free in the long term. We offer preventive measures as well as concrete solutions for people in financial difficulties.

With us you will

Sustainably debt-free.

We want to help you not only to get out of debt in the short term, but also to achieve long-term financial stability. We respond to the individual needs and requirements of our clients and offer them the best possible support.

Our mission

We want to help people in financial difficulties to reduce their debts and improve their financial situation in the long term.

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The team

We are a multilingual team and can advise you in German, English, Turkish and Spanish.

Kürsat Bagci
German - Turkish
Matthias Wegener
German - Spanish - English
Melvin Frings
German - English