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At the beginning of the consultation, we conduct a detailed, personal conversation with you. This initial meeting can be held in our offices, by telephone or as a video conference, depending on your preference.


The reorganization of a company is defined as an attempt to eliminate an economic crisis that has already occurred by means of a catalog of measures.


The regular insolvency proceedings also end after three years in freedom from debt. Contact us today for a non-binding and free consultation appointment!

Purchase from insolvency

If your company is insolvent, you have the option of buying your own insolvent company from the insolvency administrator without the legacy assets.

AG Plan

Debt-free without insolvency proceedings? Even as a trader, there is the possibility for you to come to an out-of-court agreement with your creditors and to reduce your debts through individual negotiations without an insolvency.

OUR Service

Free initial consultation

In our free initial consultation, you will get to know us and the debt advisor responsible for you, who will accompany you on your way. Please bring all available documents from your creditors to the meeting so that we can get an overview of your financial situation. Afterwards, your advisor will show you the best way out of debt for you and explain the costs you will have to pay.

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